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The Milton Times - Candidates Corner 

Submitted by Bill Driscoll Jr. 

May 5, 2016 


I am excited to announce my candidacy for State Representative of the 7th Norfolk District. I humbly ask my neighbors of Milton and Randolph for your vote in the Democratic primary on September 8th.


As a Milton native, I am the product of a supportive family, and a caring community. I have devoted my career to service to others, and bring perspective from experiences across the country. As you learn more about me I hope that you come to know a strong, authentic leader that will make you proud. It would be my honor to represent and serve our community.


I grew up in Milton and now my wife, Beca, and I are part of the new wave of young families settling down in the area. We purchased our first home one and half years ago and welcomed a baby boy, Will, in September.


The Driscoll Family has long standing ties to the region and to public service. My grandfather, John T. Driscoll, served for many years in Massachusetts government. I attended St. Agatha’s and became a Double Eagle, graduating from BC High and Boston College with a Jesuit education and sense of duty to be a man for others.


In the spring of 2005, I graduated from BC and began pursuing a career in film and television production. However, when Hurricane Katrina stuck I felt compelled to act, so I put Hollywood on hold. I knew if I could get there I could do something to help. What started as a two week trip to lend a hand turned in to a decade long  mission to assist under-served communities facing the aftermath of natural disasters.


Today, I serve as interim President and CEO of National VOAD, the association of disaster response nonprofits, and as Executive Director of NECHAMA – Jewish Response to Disaster. NECHAMA, along with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and 60 other nonprofits, is engaged as a member of National VOAD.


Over the years, I have worked with elected officials at all levels government and a diverse set of community stakeholders to navigate bureaucracy and address critical needs. I bring national credentials to the 7th Norfolk District having worked in over 40 cities and towns around the country during their most challenging of days, weeks, and months. I have stood beside families during their darkest days and labored to restore their sense of hope and repair their homes. Always, while on the road, I have called Milton home.


I am an active member in the East Milton Neighborhood Association and going forward, am eager to visit with residents throughout the campaign to listen and learn more about the issues that most concern you and our future here in Milton and Randolph.


I have made a career out of making a difference. Now, I ask for your vote so that I can be your difference maker on Beacon Hill.



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