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I'm Running for State Senate

Dear friends,


I am writing to share exciting news with you. 


I’m in.


The State Senate seat for Milton, Randolph, Braintree, Stoughton, Easton, Bridgewater, and West Bridgewater is open — and I’m running for it. On September 3rd, the day after Labor Day, I hope to earn your vote to become our next State Senator. 


Recently, Senator Walter Timilty chose to seek other elected office in the fall. Accordingly, I have filed the paperwork to officially declare my candidacy for the Norfolk, Plymouth & Bristol State Senate District.


Serving as Milton and Randolph’s State Representative since 2017 continues to be the honor of my career. As Senator, I will use my experience, as a Legislator and leader in crisis management and disaster response, to navigate the uncertain times ahead and to diligently work with colleagues on Beacon Hill to deliver results for our region.


Humbly, I ask for your support in this race. Please consider making a campaign contribution in any amount today. 






















Drawing on my experience as a legislative committee chair, innovative non-profit leader, husband, father, and homeowner, I look forward to the prospect of working everyday for four times the number of constituents I serve now and advocating for our shared priorities. 


My team and I have a strong reputation for providing responsive and effective constituent services as well as delivering resources to the local municipalities in our district. During the course of this campaign, I look forward to the opportunity to highlight all that we’ve accomplished in the state budget, via policy making and directly liaising with state agencies on behalf of individuals, community service organizations and our cities and towns.


Now more than ever, Massachusetts and our region specifically, needs experienced leaders to work collaboratively to address our greatest challenges and keep our priorities in focus -- including fully funding our public schools, increasing access to housing and homeownership, mitigating traffic and fixing our fragile transportation system, partnering with small businesses to create a thriving economic engine, supporting our seniors, tackling climate change, standing up for civil rights, workforce development and so much more.


As the only candidate running with experience as a State lawmaker, I am ready to hit the ground running. I have relationships in the House, Senate and across various state agencies which, on day one, enables me to dive right in and work towards providing the resources our region needs to thrive. I hope to earn your support in this Senate race so that you have a seasoned, thoughtful, and trusted voice on Beacon Hill.


While we are already off to a great start, we are taking nothing for granted. For the next seven months, I will be working around the clock to earn your vote -- listening to the issues most important to you and talking about how we can move Massachusetts forward. 


I’m in…and I need your help. 


This race will be very competitive and requires significant resources. I hope you will donate so that we can be successful in the September 3rd primary. Click here to donate online now! 


I am so grateful for your consideration and for your support. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you out on the campaign trail in the months ahead!



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